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Pilots (2003 -2004)


Pilots (Year 2003 - 2004)

ePayment/Merchants Seeding:
 -  Merchants seeding for online cluster.
 -  Work with exporter Yellow Pages regionally.
 -  Testbed cross-border payment solutions.

Pervasive SMS Apps:
Promotes the development of SMS apps, including games.
 -  Mass adoption of business end-user plug and play SMS servers.

Talents Repository Programme:
  -  Enhancing the largest industry-based talents database.
 -  Used essentially for head-hunting and industry job-placement to reduce structural             unemployment - especially of middle to senior management from the industry.

CNSG Industry Assistance Programme:
  -  Upfront grants to encourage sector specific growth.
 -  Companies can use CIAP to reach out, gain market visibility and market positioning, clientele            acquisition or clientele retention and information/knowledge sharing, to help them through this            depressed market condition.
-  Can be used for marketing as long as focus is on ‘soft-sell’ and ‘info-sharing’, building product            and solution awareness.
-  Opened to non-CNSG members since mid-2002. Application forms can be downloaded at:            www.cnsg.com.sg/ciap.pdf

Regional Market Access Programme:
        -  Assistance granted on ‘case-by-case’ basis to selected companies for duration of 12 months.
-  CNSG will open doors at top-level and set-up specific operations in new market (e.g. Korea,            China, South Asia etc.) and hedge the companies’ risk exposure to minimum. 

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