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As a CommerceNet member you have the ability to participate in pilot task force meeting. This opportunity allows you to provide guidance and think-tank on the structure of the project for an outcome that gives you the greatest benefit. Taking part in task force meetings will involve you in visionary thinking relative to your company while you share in the evolution of the e-commerce marketplace. 

  •  Cyber-Exposition: This task force will brainstorm to provide a low-cost and useful electronic  commerce platform  for CNSG members to showcase and testbed members' technologies.

           It will showcase members products, solutions and press releases, and will expand the scope            to other CommerceNet partners. Participation in the CommerceNet Members' Showcase is            currently open to members only.

  •  Electronic Payment Order (eCheck): Electronic commerce is rapidly expanding and changing the way we work and conducting business via the Internet. This taskforce will brainstorm on the electronic payment via the net with respect to check settlement. The task force committee meet up to brainstorm on the structure for creating, processing and verifying digitally signed electronic documents. The task force propel to introduce a new payment instrument combining the security, speed and processing efficiencies of all-electronic transactions with the familiar and well-developed infrastructure and business processes associated with paper checks.
  • Bootcamp: CommerceNet Singapore organises Bootcamp to help disseminate the e-commerce education and update the tools and skills required for start-ups to grow, survive and succeed in this ever-changing Internet business world.

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