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EConnect ~ CNSG's Newsletter 2000

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EConnect ~ CNSG's Market Intelligence Reports 2000

Automotive e-Commerce:
A (Virtual) Reality Check
What impact will Internet efficiencies have on the automotive manufacturing and distribution process?  How will auto executives and consumers be effected?  This report contains some unexpected findings. 130 pgs - 1.8MB Published: June 2000



B2B Darwinism: How e-Marketplaces Survive (and Succeed)
You don't have to wait for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga to find out about the Clone Wars.  They're going on right now in the galaxy known as B2B.  And chances are they're going to be as exciting-and explosive-as anything George Lucas could dream up.  The e-Wars between competing B2B e-Marketplaces will reach epic proportions over the next 18 to 24 months.  And while this Darwinian struggle will leave some e-Marketplaces and their member companies with a powerful competitive edge, it will leave others scratching their heads and wondering how they managed to miss the boat. 13 pgs - 528KB Published: October 2000
B2B E-Commerce: You Say You Want a Revolution, Part 1 - Introducing Net markets
This Deutsche Bank report looks at the evolution and future of the B2B e-market, claiming that the new economic structure will alter not only the way businesses interact, but also their scope and valuation. 38 pgs - 528KB Published: March 2000
Building The B2B Foundation: Positioning Net Market Makers for Success
This white paper describes the "3Cs of business-to-business" -- commerce, content, and connection -- illustrating how industry characteristics determine the appropriate commerce model, site content and connecting members of the supply chain.
22 pgs - 356KB
Published: June 2000
Coming In To Focus: Using the lens of economic value to clarify the impact of B2B e-marketplaces
This report is aimed at clarifying the value proposition currently offered by e-markets.  In the process, the McKinsey and CAPS Research team also defined its own taxonomy of e-market models by outlining five distinct models - all creating different value to owners and users.  What better way to conduct this research than to interview executives from 15 buying organizations and over 50 e-markets that were identified as "leaders in their industries"?  Ironically, at least five of these fifty "leaders" have already fallen by the wayside since the release of the study. 22 pgs - 112KB Published: November 2000
Dial M for Mobile: Key Success Factors in the Wireless World
After the initial hype surrounding B2C wireless applications, a quiet revolution is taking place in the B2B world. Mobile devices are beginning to offer new alternatives for collaborating both internally and along the supply chain.  In this report Roland Berger analyzes the impact of wireless technologies on the traditional value chain and outlines key success factors for success in the new wireless world.  50 pgs - 825KB Published: November 2000

E-Business Intermediaries: Coverage Universe Companion Piece
Bear Stearns initiates coverage of 6 companies that display a strong focus on transforming everyday purchasing processes and integrating with systems - Ariba, Commerce One, FreeMarkets, Clarus, Global Sources and Opus 360. 78 pgs - 974KB Published: September 2000


E-Business Intermediaries: Hiding in the B2B Cloud
Bear Stearns has identified the latest sector within B2B e-commerce - the e-business intermediaries (EBI).  The premise of the EBI is to integrate customer functionality into an Internet-based facility.  The broad services would range from search capabilities to planning services.
390 pgs - 4.04MB
Published: September 2000

From Best Practices to Next Practices: Procurement in the decade ahead
Online exchanges are only one piece of the intricate puzzle that will define procurement in the future.  In this report, AT Kearney has developed five critical issues that procurement managers must consider as they develop supply chain strategies."
25 pgs - 495KB
Published: June 2000


Going to Europe: Key Success Factors for Pan-European Expansion in the Internet Space
Roland Berger addresses the factors B2B e-commerce companies must take into account when operating in Europe.  They create a guide on how and where to compete and then rapidly execute strategy. 50 pgs - 228KB Published: July 2000


High-Tech B2B Exchanges: Understanding the key players, trends and implications
This is a study of the emerging high-tech exchange sector.  AT Kearney participated in the exchanges to better understand their service capabilities and gaps. 10 pgs - 413KB Published: September 2000
Market Viewpoint: Netmarkets Pursue their Holy Grail: Liquidity
Aberdeen research clearly indicates that the proper gauge to measure a Netmarket's viability is liquidity.  This Viewpoint provides a definition of liquidity, insights into how liquidy can be achieved and a framework for measuring liquidity.
8 pgs - 173KB Published: November 2000
The Fundamentals of Internet Security
The threat to IT systems comes in many different varieties.  And as the Internet plays an increasingly larger role in today's business models, the exposure to attack will continue to grow.  The good news is that for every threat there is a safeguard.  To address security concerns and to fulfill business objectives, a number of security services have been developed in the design and construction of IT systems.  These services involve authentication, confidentiality, integrity, access control, non-repudiation, and accountability.  This white paper examines these services more closely and delves into the entire thought process for creating and maintaining a secure infrastructure.  The hardest part of the total security solution is administration and management.  Administration deals more with maintaining systems so that they comply with established policies.  Management issues are more proactive and involve formulating IT policy, as well as gathering information to measure performance against policy objectives.  Typically, problems derive from the fact that each security product or feature presents administration and management interfaces unique to its own needs, or that tie together the security management environments and present a coherent, unified user interface.
32 pgs - 164KB
Published: March 2000
Security For Today's Digital Economy: When and How...Not If
By 2002, market forecasters estimate that electronic business revenues will reach $1.1 trillion, an astounding increase from 1997's $15 billion levels.  Market projections indicate that 20% of all commercial transactions in the U.S. will take place electronically by the year 2003.  Obviously, business opportunities are being created at a breathtaking pace for any organization that is plugged into the worldwide digital economy.  There is a downside: financial losses attributed to computer crime are expected to exceed $10 billion through 2002, according to an FBI study.  The threat to business-critical information caused by theft, sabotage, and inadvertent action or negligence is staggering.  While electronic business opens the doors of accessibility to all, it also means organizations are vulnerable to a host of real-life disasters.  Furthermore, the advent of electronic business means organizations must view security not as an add-on, but as a business enabler.  The key to creating a truly effective program is for IT security to be integrated enterprise-wide and to include thorough, ongoing testing and validation. 20 pgs - 122KB Published: August 2000


New Economy: Forget the Web, Make Way for the Grid
This Deutsche Bank report details the emergence and implications of a new type of technology infrastructure which may supersede The Web as a result of B2B e-commerce.  It will be known as The Grid.
75 pgs - 1.12MB Published: June 2000


The Future of B2B: A New Genesis
According to Deloitte Consulting, the so-called "shakeout" in e-Marketplaces will serve as a healthy catalyst for accelerating the transformation of confused "Hype" into an incredibly profitable "Reality".  Based on proprietary research and industry experience, the firm has defined the new models that will arise in the next 24 months among e-Marketplaces and member companies, the strategies that these players will use to succeed and the results that they can expect.
22 pgs - 613KB
Published: September 2000
The Insiders' Guide to Creating Successful Netmarkets in Europe
From May to September 2000, Netmarkets Europe ran a series of workshops to get to the real issues surrounding the development of e-markets in Europe.  This white paper summarizes the findings of these interactive and brainstorming workshops. 24 pgs - 175KB Published: October 2000



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