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EConnect ~ CNSG's Market Intelligence and Newsletter 1998

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Asia-Pacific Global Electronic Commerce Conference March 1999

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EConnect ~ CNSG's Market Intelligence and Newsletter 1999
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Life & Exit of a Dot.com Conference (4 Aug 2000)

Employee Share Options Scheme

Nicholas Chong, Partner, ShookLin & Bok

The Effectiveness of Limitation of Liability Clauses on System/Software Development Contracts

Christopher Bridges, Advocates & Solicitors

Case Study On: Business Growth After Case Study On: Business Growth After IPO


Getting the Right Consultants Before Going IPO

Mr Jonathan Chan, KPMG Consulting & Mr Tan Huay Lim, KPMG

E-Business: Tax Issues

Abhijit Ghosh & Koh Soo How, PriceWater House Coopers.

Initial Public Offering Vs Private Placements

Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, Wong Partnership

Legal Issues At The Infancy Stage Of A Dot.com Company

Lau Kok Keng, Rajah & Tann Technology Practice Group

Legal Issues In Internet Content Development, Marketing & Provision

Assoc Prof Dr Toh See Kiat, Senior Partner, Tan Peng Chin & Partners

DataMining Issues in Monetising Data Collection

Rajah & Tann Andersen Worldwide SC Member Firm


   IOEC Launch-cum Conference (29-30 May 2000)

Securing E-commerce Realtionships

Mr Duncan M. Fisken, Netegrity

Embarking on eLearning

Ms Elizabeth M. Hawthorne, ICUS Pte Ltd

Real, Virtual, No Frontier

Mr Franck Crespin : Elva Singapore

eCommerce Education &.Training in Business World

Mr Hajime Kimura, COO of eCommerce Div., Mitsubishi Corporation Chairman, CommerceNet Asia

eCommerce Education and Training in Taiwan

Dr Han-Min Hsia, CN Taiwan

A More Efficient & Reliable Way to Recruit & Deploy IT Personnel

Mr Kwek Chee Kian, Andersen Consulting

Structure of Cyber Learning Marketplace

Mr Wai Shun Lo, CEO, S Venture

E-Learning: The Next e-Commerce Portal

Dr Margaret Tan, Adjunct Associate Professor, The National University of Singapore

eCommerce Education & Training in Korea

Mr Park Jin Young, CommerceNet Korea

China and Hong Kong Education

Mr Robert Neely, Director of CommerceNet Hong Kong/China

The Importance of eCommerce Knowledge for a Developing Economy

Ms Seah Lye Khim, IDA Singapore

Mobile Services : The Next Wave In The Wireless Campus

Mr Shankar Sivaprakasam, E-Services Practice Manager, HP,South East Asia

PKI Conference (27 Oct 1999)

Instilling Trust for Secure eCommerce

Prof Toh See Kiat, Chairman, CNSG

What is PKI & Why are people Moving into it?

Mr Yuen Ka Wei, GM, Netrust

Security Solutions for today's eBusiness

Mr Roberto Galbiati, Reg Manager, RSA Security

Innovative Business Application using PKI

Mr Chia Eusin, Buss. Dev. ManagerConferences/Compaq Asia

Digital Certificate Add Value through Content

Mr David Emery, VP/MD, Dun & Bradstreet

Secure VPN in eCommerce

Mr Neo Kok Beng, President, DigiSAFE Pte Ltd

The Legal & Regulatory Framework of PKI

Mr Lau Kok Keng, Partner, Baker & McKenzie/Wong & Leow

PKI Best Practices

Mr Philip Chong, Snr Manager, Arthur Andersen

Success Stories of PKI Application

Mr Bhojaraja Manjunath, GM, Baltimore Pte Ltd

PKI Workshop (28 Oct 1999)

SET for Secure eCommerce

Mr Christopher Tan, Sales Manager, Netlife

Primer on Cryptography and Digital Signatures

Mr Martin Khoo, Prog Manager, SingCert (NCB)

Directories in PKI

Mr Calvin Yap, Snr Consultant, Control Data Systems

Applying PKI to eBusiness-Entrust approach

Ms Esther Tan, Technical Consultant, Compaq Asia


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