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[ 1 April 2004 ] E-Global Singapore 2004 Awards Joint Press Release


Singapore 2004 Awards –Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship

SINGAPORE, 1 April 2004 – Following the successful inaugural launch of the E-Global Singapore 2003 Awards last year, the co-organisers will once again honour the most successful amongst Singapore’s emerging home-grown entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, in a special E-Global Singapore 2004 Awards ceremony to be held on 30 June 2004 at Republic Polytechnic.

About the E-Global Singapore Awards
Whilst generous recognition has been extended to accomplishments in entrepreneurship locally, little acknowledgment has been given to individuals or companies embodying the spirit of innovation and the enterprise, hence the E-Global Singapore Awards.

The E-Global Singapore Awards aim to recognise individuals or enterprises that have successfully persevered through the demanding process of entrepreneurial development or have displayed an outstanding spirit of entrepreneurship in facing challenges.  Thus the E-Global Singapore Awards cut to the core of the spirit of risk-taking, and give due credit to those who have taken the steps toward risk taking.

The E-Global Singapore Awards also serve as a platform to facilitate the development of business network and bonding amongst individual innovators and entrepreneurs.

“By incorporating the Industrial Automation Award in the E-Global Singapore Awards, SIAA felt that such a move makes sense in view of rising operational cost.  Although all clubs do not directly share the same mandate, they have a common objective and that is Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  This platform enables SIAA to publicize the IA Award to a wider audience at relatively lower cost.  This year’s IA Award will focus on Industrial Infocomm i.e. the extent of infocomm technologies in the manufacturing operations,” said Mr. Colin Koh, President of Singapore Industrial Automation Association.

The E-Global Singapore Awards, a private-sector initiative, is unique in many respects.  Firstly, these are the first-ever awards for entrepreneurs in-the-making as a form of recognition and motivation to spur them to greater heights.  Secondly, judging and recognition criteria are innovative.  With a prestigious panel of judges spanning across all sectors and their deep analysis and judgment in technologies, methodologies, business models, academia and practitioners - offering capabilities beyond anything ever seen in industrial-level awards.  Finally, the coming together of different private organisations and associations representing different industries and interest groups for a single cause is unique and underscores the shared common vision - to promote a more vibrant innovative and entrepreneurial community in Singapore.

Mr. Yang Razali Kassim, President, AMPRO Business Club commented, “AMPRO’s involvement in the E-Global Singapore Awards has brought to the forefront emerging and promising Malay/Muslim entrepreneurs who would otherwise remain unknown and untapped.  Bringing Malay/Muslim entrepreneurs into the national limelight through the E-Global Singapore Awards will enable them to ride on the economic mainstream in Singapore.  The E-Global Singapore Awards symbolise and recognise the demanding struggle that all entrepreneurs go through: how they go against all odds and remains focused to keep their heads high and above water.  These are valuable lessons for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs.”

The Organisers
As in the previous year, the E-Global Singapore 2004 Awards will be jointly organised by the AMPRO Business Club, City Junior Chamber Singapore, CommerceNet Singapore, CommerceTrust Limited, the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association, and the Singapore Industrial Automation Association.  Republic Polytechnic, our strategic partner, will play host to this year’s E-Global Singapore Awards.

JC Kenn Yeo, who is the President 2004 of City Junior Chamber, Singapore said, “City Junior Chamber, Singapore is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs which has a proven track record of nurturing famous entrepreneurs such as Ted Turner of CNN, Alan Bond of Australia, Fred de Luca of the Subway restaurant chain, Dato Dr. Tan Hian Tsin, founder of Crocodile International.  We definitely want to see more of them coming from Singapore through this ‘E-Global Emerging Youth Entrepreneur Award’ that we are proudly co-organising.”

Category of Awards
There will be six categories of award -- each recognising different aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship -- Emerging Enterprise, Emerging Entrepreneur, Emerging Malay/Muslim Entrepreneur, Emerging Young Entrepreneur, Innovative Industrial Infocomm Initiative and Student Professional Profiling Award.

“For Singapore to maintain its competitive edge, we need to keep innovating and bringing new ideas and products to the market.  Being entrepreneurial is key to doing so.  I am pleased to note that the E-Global Singapore Awards have involved Republic Polytechnic to introduce a new category just for students.  This will encourage more students to experience the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship and will better prepare them for the working life,” said Mr. Teo Ming Kian, Chairman of the Economic Development Board.

According to Dr. W. A. M. Alwis, Director, Office of Academic Affairs of Republic Polytechnic, “Republic Polytechnic’s business is to help our students gain an edge over competition.  E-Global Singapore Awards are a great start to get them to think of their creativity as capital for their future.”

Evaluation Criteria
The key judging criteria are innovativeness and potential of the nominees’ ideas.  Another determining factor is the spirit of innovation that includes overall vision, management philosophy, value impact created, extent of automation processes, safety and environmental concerns and human resource strategy.

In addition to the nomination form, all participants will be given an opportunity to present their innovation, technology or idea to the judges.  This face-to-face session exclusive to this award allows them to articulate their strategy and the potential of their ideas to the judges.  Short-listing of the nominees will commence after the interviews.  The panel of 80 judges comprises industry leaders, entrepreneurs, the media, government representatives and professionals.

Nominees must be individuals or enterprises with interest or/and operations in Singapore.

Mr. Keith Kee, Honorary Secretary of IdEA mentioned, “IdEA is happy to see that the E-Global Singapore Awards is now in the second year since we launched this with the other organizers last year.  Through this award, we hope to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to continue to be creative and innovative people, seizing opportunities and seeking to make a difference in whatever we do and wherever we are – be it at work, home or even we are in the community.  Every bright sparks has the opportunity to be a creative solution to an existing problem.”

Each winner will receive a trophy.  The panel of judges may also confer merit awards.  The benefits of the awards extend beyond the recognition and the publicity. The overwhelming response last year saw nearly 100 nominations of participation.  Comments and insights by the judges, backed by SWOT analysis, will be given back to the participants ad verbatim.

Mr. Wong Jeh Shyan, CEO of CNSG commented, “This is an effort by the organisers to help all the participants improve in their ventures, regardless of whether they win the awards.  We are pleased that this year’s award include recognising outstanding student entrepreneur as well.”

Candidates may also self-nominate via the official nomination forms available online at www.esiaa.com or CNSG website www.cnsg.com.sg/eGlobal 2004 Nomination Form.pdf   The nominator may nominate himself for more than one category.

To foster the true spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, the nomination fee is kept at S$500 nett to help cover administrative costs.

The nomination is from 1 April 2004 to 7 June 2004, 12 noon and the E-Global Singapore Awards Gala Cocktail Nite will be held on 30 June 2004.

“E-Global Singapore 2003 Awards are effective platforms and recognition channels to motivate innovators and entrepreneurs to attain the desired results for Singapore in honing innovation entrepreneurship.  My experience with E-Global Singapore Awards, to say the least, is encouraging & fruitful.  E-Global Singapore Awards is reputed for its very high standard of assessment and its absolute objectivity in judging the participants.”
- Mr. Andy Zhao, CEO, Sportiv Tech Lab Pte Ltd
- Winner of Emerging Enterprise – 2003
- Winner of Emerging Youth Entrepreneur – 2003

“The global arena offers great opportunity for any entrepreneur who is prepared to venture into new territories. Winning the E-Global Singapore 2003 Awards has re-affirmed our conviction and zest in our vision for Premier Global Cash Rewards.  We are growing beyond Singapore and Indonesia to other parts of Asia and to Middle East.”
- Dr. Elias Tam Tak Chuen, Director, Ascent Global Marketing Pte Ltd
- Winner of Emerging Entrepreneur – 2003

“Recognition, pride and inspiration ... the E-Global Singapore 2003 Awards is a strong recognition of our team’s efforts in innovation, it makes them proud of what they have achieved, the brand name they have built, and it provides a further inspiration to look for better ways to fulfill our customer needs.”
- Mrs. Samsiah Sulaiman, Managing Director, Jumain Sataysfaction Pte Ltd
- Winner of Emerging Malay/Muslim Entrepreneur – 2003

“Winning the award is a big confidence booster to our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers as well as to those who have business dealings with us... knowing that we are all heading in the right direction.”
- Mr. Lim Ee Teoh, Director, Aurigin Technology Pte Ltd
- Winner of Innovative Industrial Automation Initiatives – 2003



AMPRO Business Club
AMPRO Business Club is a not-for-profit club for business professionals and entrepreneurs with a mission to help promote the economic development of the Malay/Muslim community.  It is initiated by the AMPRO Group, an economic self-help movement formed to engender the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Led mostly by young business professionals and entrepreneurs, the Club is engaged in activities ranging from business networking and self-enrichment to dialogues with key business and political leaders.  The AMPRO Business Club is supported by a panel of resource persons and advisors from different industry sectors and communities.

City Junior Chamber, Singapore (City JC)
City JC is a part of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide movement of young people between the ages of 21 and 40.  Present in around 140 countries with hundreds of thousands of voting members and millions who have graduated from our ranks after crossing 40, its members include numerous political leaders, royalty, industry captains and community leaders.  It is active in the areas of business, international affairs, individual development and community service.  Its objectives are to develop young people to become better individuals, effective leaders, responsible citizens to make our world a better place.  Around the world, JCI members conduct countless interesting projects, learn about leadership, and help fellow citizens, while creating local and international networks, making friends and having fun.

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG)
CNSG was formed as an independent not-for-profit industry-led consortium of business partners that organises resources from the industry, plans and executes key strategies.  It seeks to sustain market initiatives that promote security, innovations and develop human, intellectual, financial and cultural capitals within the self-sustaining enterprise ecosystems.  CNSG has been involved actively in initiatives that pioneer and advance tomorrow’s technology through industry initiatives, education, mediation, and certification worldwide.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association (IdEA)
Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association (IdEA) is a dynamic, not-for-profit organisation that serves to be the leading body to represent and promote the innovators and entrepreneurs in Singapore.  By bridging members with industry and government agencies and by nurturing and promoting them, IdEA plays a significant role in establishing a “vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs”.

Republic Polytechnic
Adding diversity to the educational landscape is Singapore’s newest polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, a place where charting new paths in academic learning is an everyday affair.  Innovation and excellence form the pillars of Republic Polytechnic’s unique Problem-Based Learning pedagogy, turning the learning process into a journey of discovery and questioning the norms.  Embracing a holistic approach to education is also a key philosophy as we seek to further the possibilities of all those who pass through our doors.

Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)
SIAA is a professional association that facilitates and forms strategic alliance with manufacturers, suppliers, research institutes, government and trade agencies to build a global competitive manufacturing community through innovative and effective application of automation technology.  It is the vanguard that promotes the application of industrial automation to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore products and services.  Spearheading the Industrial InfoComm movement, SIAA's priority is to equip engineering companies to leverage on the infocomm technologies to increase productivity in their operations.



A – Emerging Enterprise

This award recognises:
i) products, services or processes that is creative, unique and of economic / social value, or
ii) an up and coming enterprise that has been in business for less than 24 months or has an annual revenue of less than S$1,000,000.
(This award is sponsored by CommerceNet Singapore.)

B – Emerging Entrepreneur

This award is open to all individuals who are either self-employed / current employees of a firm, that have exhibited entrepreneurial traits namely, innovativeness, proactiveness and risk-taking and have demonstrated the ability to identify and exploit new / untapped opportunities leading to the creation of economic / social value.  The uniqueness of this category is that it recognises social entrepreneurs i.e. those who demonstrate a commitment to champion a social cause.
(This award is sponsored by the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association.)

C – Emerging Malay / Muslim Entrepreneur

This award is open to all individuals in the Malay / Muslim community who are either self-employed / current employees of a firm that have exhibited entrepreneurial traits namely, innovativeness, proactiveness and risk-taking and have demonstrated the ability to identify and exploit commercial opportunities leading to the creation of economic value.
(This award is sponsored by the AMPRO Business Club.)

D – Emerging Young Entrepreneur

This award is open to all individuals below the age of 40 years old, who are either self-employed / current employees of a firm that have exhibited entrepreneurial traits namely innovativeness, proactiveness and risk-taking and have demonstrated the ability to identify and exploit commercial opportunities leading to the creation of economic value.
(This award is sponsored by City Junior Chamber, Singapore.)

E – Innovative Industrial Infocomm Initiative

This award is open to all enterprises that have successful implemented an industrial infocomm initiative, which is defined as an initiative that leads to greater operational productivity and efficiency while incurring no increase in operational cost.
(This award is sponsored by the Singapore Industrial Automation Association.)

F – Student Professional Profiling Award

This award is open to all institutions of higher learning (e.g. ITE, polytechnics and universities students).  This award is to engage students with professional subjects from working career professionals in the corporate world to founders of small and medium enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs.
(This award is sponsored by Republic Polytechnic.)


Theme: “Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Opening for Submission: 1 April 2004, Thursday, 12 noon
Closing Date: 7 June 2004, Monday, 12 noon

Shortlised Candidates will be contacted by E-Global Singapore Awards Secretariat
Date: 9 June 2004, Wednesday – 11 June 2004, Friday

Judges Interviews to Shortlisted Candidates
14 June 2004, Monday – 16 June 2004, Wednesday

E-Global Singapore Awards Gala Cocktail Nite
Date: 30 June 2004, Wednesday
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Republic Polytechnic (1 Kay Siang Road)

Press Contacts:
Angelina Tan
E-Global Singapore Awards Secretariat
35 Selegie Road, #09-25 Parklane
Singapore 188307
Tel: 6337-2368
Email: angelina@cnsg.com.sg

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information, please contact the E-Global Singapore Awards Secretariat at tel no. 6337-2368.


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