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E-Global Singapore 2003 Awards are set to roar onto the scene later this year on 3 September 2003, and it’s something you don’t want to miss. No matter what business and how innovative you are, whether you are a player or an observer, E-Global makes recognition and publicity exposure from peers and public truly unique.

As a contemporary award, jointly brought to you by CommerceNet, Innovators and Entrepreneur Association, AMPRO, Singapore Industrial Automation Association and Junior Chambers Singapore, E-Global combines the power and network of Singapore’s emerging organisations into a unified platform. It is designed to seek and sniff out the enterprising spirit in you and brings your innovation to life with expressive awards, vibrant interactions and grand awards. Cutting-edge selection of judges spans the divide in technologies, methodologies, business models, academia and practitioners - offering capabilities beyond anything ever seen in industrial-level awards.

E-Global will revitalise your entrepreneurial sparks, starting with a vastly enlightened view towards the concept of innovations and entrepreneurism. The awards recognises the importance of the potential, as well as performance. It simply doesn’t get any more true to the spirit of innovation. On any sectors.

We are working within the framework of Singapore’s changing economic landscape - from one of productivity and quality to that of innovation and entrepreneurship. E-Global serves as a focal point for the coming together of a ‘vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs’. Such a vibrant community will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset, which will play an essential role in the transition, and serve as a key contributor to Singapore’s economic success. E-Global places priority and emphasis on supporting the individual innovator and entrepreneur, and so functions as ‘the platform’ to cater to the interest of this community.

This year, the coming together of key organisations with a common vision of promoting a more vibrant innovative and entrepreneurial community in Singapore for the E-Global Singapore Awards 2003 is most heartening. This award celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore, and aims to recognise both companies and individuals that have embodied this spirit. This award is unique as it intentionally emphasises on the ‘Most Promising’, as so seeks to recognise the deserving but yet ‘unrecognised’ innovator or entrepreneur. Such a platform to recognise these companies and individuals it will help encourage and inspire others who are aspiring to become innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition to the recognition and publicity, the award would also bring tangible value to the entrants, by making available the feedback given by the judges, which consists of an impressive mix of industry leaders, government representatives, academia and professionals. This feedback by the judges would provide invaluable insights as to how the entrants can further improve in their ventures.

The closing date for nominations is 25th August 2003, and the award gala event will be held on 3rd September 2003.

To Participate in this Award:

Should you have any questions, please contact the E-GLOBAL SINGAPORE 2003 AWARDS SECRETARIAT at 6337-2368 ( Ms.Angelina Tan or Ms.Merlissa Phua) or at our emails: angelina@cnsg.com.sg and merlissa@cnsg.com.sg

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