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Year 2003


News Archive

March 2003

[ 26 March 2003 ]




CNSG to Support Bahrain Technology Park

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) today announced that the consortium will support one world class technology park in Bahrain. The technology park known as iTeknoCity will house some of the top ICT companies as well as two bio-informatics clusters.


[ 25 March 2003 ]




CNSG to Extend Assistance in IP Valuation to Non-CNSG Members

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) today announced that IP Valuation of technologies would be opened to non-members. This move is a result of the increasing demand of companies needing assistance for IP Valuation during this depressed market condition.


[ 12 March 2003 ]





CNSG - Jebsen & Jessen Communications - Captaris Breakfast Forum

CNSG, Jebsen & Jessen Communications and Captaris jointly organised this Breakfast Forum, "Understanding Communications Management:- Strategic Information Exchange to Better Business Performance" on the 12th March at the Grand Hyatt, Singapore. Senior Executives from Financial Institutions, Legal Firms and various other companies attended the forum which discussed on how to exchange critical business information in an efficient and cost-effective manner by automating manual document delivery processes and deploying unified communications to increase productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.


[ 7 March 2003 ]





CNSG - eG Innovations - Borland - SUN Breakfast Forum

CNSG, eG Innovations, Borland and SUN jointly orgainsed this Breakfast Forum, "JAVA Apps: Strategic Approaches to Maximum ROI" on the 7th March at the Carlton Hotel, Singapore. Participants were briefed on how to position IT strategy in their respective companies to be ahead of their competitors and develop novel, revenue-generating services and/or to make their existing processes more efficient using Java Technologies.



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