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Year 2002


News Archive

March 2002

[ 29 March 2002 ]



Sesami to Sponsor CNSG Conference

CommerceNet Singapore's (CNSG) corporate member Sesami agrees to sponsor the joint National Trust Council and CNSG conference - Trust Infrastructure and Beyond: "Towards a Trusted Economy".

[ 26 March 2002 ]








Breakfast Forum "The Future of Data Dissemination - Industry Content and Data Protection Codes"

The phenomenal growth and popularity of the Internet in Singapore arises from the government's recognition of the ability of the Internet to offer unique opportunities and benefits, and its efforts to promote the use of Information Technology at home, work and the schools.

In regulating the Internet, it is preferred that a balanced and light-touch approach to ensure that minimum standards are set for the responsible use of the Internet while giving maximum flexibility to the industry players to operate. Industry self-regulation and public education efforts to complement its light-touch regulatory approach. These steps are important and form the strategic direction for the healthy growth of internet. The future of data dissemination may lie in self-regulation and content guidelines; working on trusted framework addressing concerns raised by the public and the industry. This forum was jointly brought to you by CNSG and NIAC, and was supported by SBA.

[ 21 March 2002 ]



CNSG Consultative Partners Share Views on Possible Next Generation Internet Initiatives

CommerceNet Singapore's (CNSG) Consultative Partners meet at CNSG's corporate member Sesami's Board Room today to exchange views on Possible Next Generation Internet (NGI) or Internet II Initiatives.

[ 21 March 2002 ]







Breakfast Forum "Getting the Government to Foot Your Staff Cost? - Introducing ABF & iTA Schemes"

This breakfast forum was jointly brought to you by CNSG and iDA. The mission of the Manpower Development Division of iDA Singapore is to develop infocomm manpower and an infocomm-savvy workforce from the pre-employment stage to the in-employment stage to ensure that there is a constant pool of skilled infocomm manpower to sustain Singapore's competitive edge in the international arena.

The Asian Business Fellowship Programme (ABF) - China and the Infocomm Training and Attachment (iTA) Scheme and The Infocomm Training Framework (ITF) were introduced. Components of the ABF programme, eligibility criteria, level and period of support, application procedures and the list of all approved universities in China for this programme were explained.

[ 15 March 2002 ]



CNSG Announces Support for Online Government Procurement Conference

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) announces support for Online Government Procurement Conference to be held on 23-24 May 2002 at the Grand Hyatt, Singapore. Organised by Ark Group Asia, the conference touches on some of the most pressing issues in online government procurement.

[ 12 March 2002 ]



Breakfast Forum on "Better Information Access : Simplify Information Management"

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) - Aretae, SUN Microsystems and Frontline organised a Breakfast Forum on Tuesday, 12 March 2002 at the Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore. The theme for the Forum was "Better Information Access : Simplify Information Managemen". About 50 participants attended the forum.


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