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Year 2001

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News Archive

March 2001

[ 24 - 26 March 2001 ]





ITCN Asia 2001 at Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG), Ecommerce Gateway Singapore and IT & Telecom Division, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan jointly organised the first IT Commerce Network Asia 2001 (ITCN Asia 2001) from March 24 - 26 2001 at Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan. Details of the event can be seen at our official website www.itcnasia.com


[ 24 - 26 March 2001 ]




More than 300 Volunteers Signed-up to Help CNSG Organise ITCN Asia 2001 ITCN Asia 2001 had attracted more than 300 volunteers from Karachi's tertiary institutions, volunteering their time and efforts in making the two major events, the ITCN Asia 2001 International Conference and the ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition, a success.


[ 25 March 2001 ]



ITCN Asia 2001 International Conference ends with a Grand Gala Dinner at Sindh Governor's House

ITCN Asia 2001 International Conference ends with a grand gala dinner at Sindh Governor's House. The dinner held at the end of the conference was also joined by exhibitors from the ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition.

[19 March 2001 ] CommerceNet Singapore CEO's Message to ITCN Asia 2001 Delegates

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) Chief Executive Officer's address to delegates of ITCN Asia 2001 was released today ahead of the event. The event is jointly organised by IT & Telecom Division, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan; CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG); Ecommerce Gateway Singapore and US Publishers (Jamal's Yellow Pages) of Pakistan. The conference and exhibition was hosted by Sindh IT Board and supported by Punjab IT Board with endorsements by Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the World Bank.

[ 15 March 2001 ] CommerceNet Inc. Delegation to Visit CommerceNet Singapore on 18-19 March 2001

CommerceNet Inc. delegation is expected to visit Singapore on 18-19 March 2001. The delegation is expected to comprise of Mr. Donald Cahill, Mr. Chuck Wade and Mr. David Manion.

[ 14 March 2001 ] CNSG XML Bootcamp

CommerceNet Singapore launched an XML Bootcamp on the 14th March. The XML Bootcamp focused on delivering "the best in class"... the leading edge, not the bleeding edge. At the Bootcamp, the audience were able to view XML solutions that are powerful, Proven and Workable.

[ 14 March 2001 ] Malaysia's Global Reliability Programme Management Team visits CommerceNet Singapore

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) played host to Malaysia's Global Reliability Programme management team on a two days working visit to Singapore. The team held a series of meeting with CNSG's team on CommerceTrust's global ConsumerTrust programme implementation and new assessment criteria.

[ 12 - 14 March 2001 ] CommerceNet Korea's Member Digiweb Visits CommerceNet Singapore

Constituent member of CommerceNet Korea, Digiweb Technology Company Limited visits CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) office. The three-man delegation from Digiweb was led by Mr. Yun Il-seok, the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

[ 7- 9 March 2001 ] The Asia Pacific Business-to Business E-Commerce Event of the Year : E-Strategy Asia 2001

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) will hold the 2nd Annual E-STRATEGY ASIA 2001 conference in Singapore on March 7 -9, 2001. Part of a global series of an established chain of purely B2B focused conferences called E-Strategy, the Asian equivalent zeros in on creating profitable synergies between organizations and driving value in their E-Procurement/E-Marketplace strategies.

[ 7- 9 March 2001 ] CommerceNet Singapore organised Website-Weaver Training

Golden Orb Technologies Australia Limited held a three day training session for Singapore and Malaysian companies at Jamiyah Business School. The training session was organised by CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG). The training highlighted mass deployment of integrated online e-business tools.

[ 7 March 2001 ] CNSG-CNHK teamed up to endorse ENE's Biggest Internet Show in Asia

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) and CommerceNet Hong Kong (CNHK) teamed up to endorse Events N Exhibits's (ENE) Biggest Internet Show in Asia. The move is calculated to send a new signal to the industry to redefine the concept of 'dot-com' that has suffered severe trashing and image problems due to the volatility of technology stocks in recent global bourses.

[ 5 March 2001 ] IOEC signed MOU with Dadabhoy Foundation

CNSG. s taskforce spin-off, Institute of E-Commerce (IOEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dadabhoy Foundation to assist the foundation to set up a new university. The foundation has received their university charter and is working with IOEC to establish Dadabhoy University at Hawksbay, Karachi. IOEC will transfer the technical expertise, know-how, experience in the field of Information Technology and teaching expertise in assisting the setting up of Dadabhoy University and will actively work on the curriculum development pertaining to the needs of 'new economy' sectors.

[ 3 March 2001 ] ICCI Members Invited to ITCN Asia 2001

The General Secretariat of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an affiliated institution of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), has invited its member institutions to participate in the Information Technology Commerce Network (ITCN) Asia 2001. This was informed in a press statement issued in Karachi on Friday, 2 March 2001. It said that the ITCN Asia 2001 is an international exhibition and conference showcasing Pakistan's current and future information technology prospects.


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