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Year 2003


News Archive

June 2003


[ 16 June 2003 ]







CNSG to Extend Assistance Programme to Companies under a Special Pilot Grant Scheme

The industry is currently facing the most difficult times in recent history. Many companies are facing cash crunch and the overall effect of reduced sales and low industry confidence is leading to very depressed market condition. CommerceNet launches the CNSG Industry Assistance Programme (CIAP) with the objectives of helping companies reach out, gain market visibility and market positioning, clientele acquisition or clientele retention and information/knowledge sharing, to help them through this depressed market condition. Only serious companies should take advantage of this programme. Application forms can be obtained from www.cnsg.com.sg/ciap.pdf.


[ 2 June 2003 ]





CNSG to Job Match for Those Facing Impending Retrenchment & Those Currently Unemployed

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) is responding to the worst economic situation in recent history by providing a safety net for professionals and workers. With many professionals and skilled personnel being laid off daily, CNSG hopes that offering industry job matching will soften the impact of industry-wide retrenchment. CNSG believes that this programme will be useful for the industry. CNSG's comprehensive and growing database of jobs will be deployed for the first time in this direction. Application forms can be obtained from www.cnsg.com.sg/repository.pdf.


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