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Year 2001

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News Archive

July 2001

[ 27 July 2001 ] CNSG Breakfast Talk : Maximising eLearning Opportunities - an emerging trend in HR Management

How does eLearning fit into your organisation1s overall strategy and corporate vision? How do you establish eLearning objectives? How to effectively blend eLearning to your traditional training programme? The financial justification of eLearning. How to enhance and ensure the success of eLearning? Two leading eLearning and HR speakers will share their experience on how to maximise eLearning platform to enhance knowledge and drive competitive edge.

[ 26 - 27 July 2001 ] E-Global Planning Group Working Meeting in Pakistan

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) sent a delegation to Pakistan to work out the protocol requirements and hotel bookings for e-Global 2001Conference and Exhibition. The meeting discussed launching details and work out the framework to enable as many parties to participate meaningfully in the events as possible.

[ 26 July 2001 ] CommerceTrust Launches First Personal Data Privacy Protection Trustmark In Singapore

CommerceNet Singapore's (CNSG) pilot global reliability programme spin-off, CommerceTrust Limited, today announced that it has launched a "PrivacyTrust Global Reliability Programme" to enable consumers and businesses to establish trusting relationships based on the respect for personal information.

[ 9 July 2001 ] E-Global Planning Group Working Meeting in Hong Kong

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) and CommerceNet China (CNCN) held a joint working group meeting in Hong Kong today to plan a multiple country road-show programme. The meeting held Central, Hong Kong was attended by key representatives from the local IT industry.

[ 2 July 2001 ] CNSG Signed Agreement to Host E-Global 2001 Conference and Exhibition & ITCN Asia 2002 in Pakistan

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between CNSG and Ecommerce Gateway Pte Ltd (ECG) to jointly organise and materialize effective events globally, especially in Pakistan. CNSG and ECG will share the proceedings of such events with stakeholders. In recognition of the value of both organisations' accumulated know-how and resources, ECG and CNSG has agreed to jointly organise E-Global 2001 Conference and Exhibition in Lahore and ITCN Asia 2002 Karachi, both in Pakistan. The signatories to the MOA were: Mr Inderjit Singh, Chairman of ECG and Assoc. Prof (Dr) Toh See Kiat, Chairman of CNSG.



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