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Year 2003


News Archive

January 2003

[ 15 January 2003 ]





CNSG - Ansoft - Advisor Associates Breakfast Forum on 15 January 2003

CNSG, Ansoft and Advisor Associates jointly bring you this Breakfast Forum, "The Future of Motorcar Sales Industry: Competing on More than Just Pricing" on the 15th January at the Carlton Hotel, Singapore.  Join Senior Executives in the motor vehicle industry to know h ow IT can assist you in your business management and how you can streamline your operation and strengthen your customer service with an integrated system.


[ 12 January 2003 ]




CNSG Chairman Leads Delegation to Pakistan

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) Chairman is leading a delegation of 17 international businessmen and officials to Pakistan. Pakistan is fast becoming a preferred investment destination, with more and more international investors are taking notice of the increasingly robust economy over the last 2 years.


[ 8 January 2003 ]




CommerceNet Singapore Board of Director Meeting 2003

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) Board of Directors met at the Stratech's Board Room, Stratech Systems Ltd on 8 January 2003. The first board meeting of the year discussed and reviewed the projects done for the Year 2002 and suggested new initiatives and reviewed new proposals for the Year 2003.



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