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Year 2003


News Archive

February 2003

[ 14 February 2003 ]




CEO of EDB Bahrain Visits Singapore

Mr. Jamal A. Al-Hazeem, CEO of EDB, Kingdom of Bahrain visited Singapore on the 13th - 14th February 2003. CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) planned an itinerary for Mr. Jamal to visit CNSG board members and key business partners of CNSG.


[ 13 February 2003 ]





CommerceTrust Limited Signs MOU With VISA International

CommerceTrust Ltd signed an MOU with VISA on 13th Feb 2003. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is intended to integrate/align VISA's Account Information Security Program (AIS) with ConsumerTrust's Code of Practice Audit requirements. Visa will acknowledge that such Target Merchant is compliant with VISA's AIS Program requirements if CommerceTrust certifies or accredits a Target Merchant as having fulfilled the Integrated Standard and awards such Target Merchant the TrustSg mark together with the ConsumerTrust's proprietary mark.



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