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Year 2001

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News Archive

Dec 2001

[ 24 December 2001 ] Business Times - Building Trust In B2C Online Transactions

CNSG's Global Press release on CommerceTrust Global Reliability Programme - news clipping from the Business Times: "One of the most significant obstacles in the adoption of e-biz practices is the uncertainty both consumers and businesses feel about Internet security."

[ 21 December 2001 ] CNSG Announces eXtended Relationship Management Breakfast Seminar Series

CNSG and CNSG members will conduct a series of six breakfast seminars on "eXtended Relationship Management" in the first half of 2002.

[ 20 December 2001 ] CommerceTrust appointed Authorised Code Owner by IDA for B2C Web-based Retailers

CNSG's Global Reliability Programme, CommerceTrust announced today that IDA has appointed CommerceTrust as an Authorised Code Owner (ACO) for business-to-consumer (B2C) web-based retailers. Following the appointment, CommerceTrust will award the TrustSg seal to online merchants who are accredited under its ConsumerTrust Global Reliability Programme. This means TrustSg seal will be accompanied by the ConsumerTrust trustmark and displayed by licensees of ConsumerTrust on their websites.

[ 18 December 2001 ] CNSG/iGine Joint Breakfast Forum: "eXtended Relationship Management beyond CRM"

CNSG and iGine held a joint breakfast forum where ideas on "eXtended Relationship Management - Beyond CRM" are tabled. The talks explored today's interconnected global economy, where it has become increasingly important for companies to build strong relationships with their strategic partners. Companies are becoming more reliant on their indirect channels, for volume sales, and efficiently manage the complex multi-tier business relationships that contribute to revenue and profits.

[ 10 December 2001 ] CommerceNet Singapore Board Meeting

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) board of directors met at CNSG office on 10 December 2001. The final board meeting of the year discussed and reviewed the projects done for the Year 2001 and suggested consolidation and review new proposals for the Year 2002.

[ 4 December 2001 ] CNSG/Compaq Joint Breakfast Forum: "End-To-End E-Security: Do You Have The Key?"

CNSG and Compaq jointly organised a breakfast forum to exchange ideas and network with industry peers on security in today's Internet Commerce world. The forum agreed that it is increasingly difficult to monitor the IT system to see if it had ever been hacked, or has it been used to commit cyber crimesS? The latest security developments discussed include: masquerading as another user; packet-replay, denial of service (DoS) attacks; remote brute-force and dictionary attacks; system identity spoofing; eavesdropping on communications; Code Red and Nimda worms, among others.

[ 3 December 2001 ] Consolidation and Realignment at CommerceNet Singapore

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) consolidated the current scope and responsibilities of key staff in the company. The softened market conditions had resulted to more request for additional services from many active corporate members.

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