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Year 2003


News Archive

April 2003

[ 19 - 20 April 2003 ]






CNSG's CEO Attends 1st International Conference on Investment and Privatization (ICIP) in OIC Countries

Mr.Wong Jeh Shyan, CEO, CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) led a delegation and attended the 1st International Conference on Investment and Privatization (ICIP) in OIC Countries, which was held in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the 19-20 April 2003. The conference was designed with the objective of improving synergies in the region, and was seen as a timely move of considerable economic importance, as the Arab capital is currently looking for alternate avenues for safe and profitable investment opportunities.


[ 9 April 2003 ]




CNSG 's CIAP in the News

CommerceNet Singapore's (CNSG) Industry Assistance Programme (CIAP) is featured in the newspaper today. CIAP has the objectives of helping companies reach out, gain market visibility and market positioning, clientele acquisition or clientele retention and information/knowledge sharing, to help them through this depressed market condition.


[ 3 April 2003 ]





CNSG CEO Delivers Presentation to iLIUP Managers

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) was invited by iDA to deliver a presentation on the various CNSG Industry Programmes that were available to assist all companies in the Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP). iLIUP aims to accelerate the development of infocomm capability of Singapore Enterprises for international market competition; and enhance Infocomm market share and revenue for the mutual benefits of Multinational Corporations and Singapore.


[ 1 April 2003 ]




CNSG to Provide Furnished Office Premises to Technopreneurs

As part of the industry initiatives to check the rising business cost in Singapore, CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) had started arranging affordable as well as subsidised office premises for technopreneurs. The pilot project will start of with furnished offices that allow technopreneurs to 'set-up shop' immediately without struggling with renovations and purchases of office equipment.



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