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Year 2002


News Archive

April 2002

[ 23 April 2002 ]




National Infocomm Awards Gala Dinner 2001/02

The National Infocomm Awards Gala Dinner was held on Tue, 23 Apr at the Ritz Carlton Millennia Hotel. Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr. David Lim Tik En was the guest of honour. The Main Panel of Judges consisted of key government leaders and industry players, including 2 international judges, Dr. Engelbart and Mr. Guy Kawasaki. A total of 5 winners were selected from both categories, the Most Innovation Use of Infocomm Technology group and the Most Innovative Infocomm Product/Service group.

[ 18 - 19 April 2002 ]







Trust Infrastructure and Beyond - "Towards a Trusted Economy" Conference

The phenomenal growth and popularity of the Internet in Singapore arises from the government's recognition of the ability of the Internet to offer unique opportunities and benefits, and its efforts to promote the use of Information Technology at home, work and the schools.

In regulating the Internet, it is preferred that a balanced and light-touch approach to ensure that minimum standards are set for the responsible use of the Internet while giving maximum flexibility to the industry players to operate. Industry self-regulation and public education efforts to complement its light-touch regulatory approach. These steps are important and form the strategic direction for the healthy growth of internet. The future of data dissemination may lie in self-regulation and content guidelines; working on trusted framework addressing concerns raised by the public and the industry. This forum was jointly brought to you by CNSG and NIAC, and was supported by SBA.

 [ 19 April 2002 ]



 3rd Internationl Trustmark Network Meeting

The 3rd international TrustMark Network Meeting was held at the IBM Executive Conference Room in Singapore on the 19th April 2002. Major trustmark code-owners, promoters, auditors and operators from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific met to discuss issues pertaining to the trustmark industry.

 [ 10 April 2002 ]



CNSG Vice-Chairman to Host Welcome Dinner for 3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting International Delegates

International delegates to the 3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting and speakers of the Trust Infrastructure and Beyond Conference will be hosted to a welcome dinner by the Vice-Chairman of CNSG, Dr. David Chew.

 [ 9 April 2002 ]





 Industry Dialogue - Maximising Brand Value "Creating Competitive Differentiation with Your Indirect Revenue Channels"

Senior executives from IDC, Sun Microsystems, Oracle as well as iGINE will share their insights into the trends, best practices and market opportunities in the High-Tech/ Electronics Industry. This will be followed by a case study of a biomedical supplies company that reaped significant cost savings in adopting a solution that helped manage the order flow across 5 tiers of channel partners and enjoying an ROI of over 300%. Register for this dialogue session and discover how sell-side eCommerce is no longer a technology issue, but a business strategy issue that creates new, interesting opportunities.

 [ 8 April 2002 ]



 3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting Delegates and Industry Leaders to Visit One-North

3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting delegates and local infocomm industry leaders will visit One-North project at Bouna Vista. The visit will be hosted by JTC at PhaseZ.Ro and a simple briefing will be held for the attendees.

 [ 8 April 2002 ]



 CommerceNet Singapore Endorses Tel@PAC Summit at Karambunai Nexus Resort,Sabah, Malaysia

CommerceNet Singapore endorses the Asia Pacific Telecoms Summit. The summit is organised by Marcus Evans Summits division. The summit is scheduled on 10 -12 May 2002.

 [ 3 April 2002 ]



 IBM to Host 3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting at IBM's Executive Conference Room

CommerceNet Singapore's (CNSG) corporate member IBM will host the 3rd International Trustmark Network Meeting at their Executive Conference Room. The meeting was scheduled to be held on 19 April 2002.

 [ 3 April 2002 ]



 Breakfast Forum "First Step to Telemedicine - Centralised IT Outsourcing"

"Telemedicine" is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via sophisticated electronic communications for the health and education of the patient or health care provider and for the purpose of improving and extending the availability of patient care.

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