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[ 19 November 2003 ] CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) signs MoU with Republic Polytechnic's (RP) to Collaborate on RP Enterprise Series

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) signs MoU with Republic Polytechnic's (RP) to Collaborate on RP Enterprise Series. The series is part of RP's novel continuing education scheme bringing together with CommerceNet Singapore and IdEA. This programme will allow staff and workers attached with the industry to further their education and gain a Specialist Diploma.

"The first programme to be rolled out under this scheme is Republic Polytechnic's Enterprise Series of Specialist Diplomas and Certificates aimed at providing timely, relevant and holistic education to adult learners," said Dr. W.A.M. Alwis, Republic Polytechnic's Director of Academic Affairs . "The key novel feature of RP's continuing education scheme is its flexible operational framework."

Under Republic Polytechnic's Continuing Education and Training Scheme, this Enterprise Series covers knowledge and skills of practical relevance in both technical and enterprise domains. The areas of technical specialisation initially addressed would be biomedical sciences, engineering and infocomm technologies. The Enterprise Series is developed in participation with industry players and industry associations through a special partnership Republic Polytechnic is forming with CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) and Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association (IdEA). In this manner the Enterprise Series will be able to keep pace with industry trends and benchmarks while maintaining a rich industry network. 

"CommerceNet's (CNSG) participation in Republic Polytechnic's Enterprise Series brings closer industry collaboration with the academic fraternity.  CNSG has been actively involved in initiatives that pioneer and advance tomorrow's technology," said CommerceNet Singapore's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wong Jeh Shyan. "Students will be exposed to first-hand interaction with the industry, including participation in exploratory pilot projects, industry documentation, seminars, conferences, training and funding. Students' participation in industry initiatives via the Enterprise Series will expose them to the planning and execution of key technology and business strategies, encouraging innovation and driving progress. "

"Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association (IdEA) is proud to be part of the Enterprise Series of the Continuing Education program by Republic Polytechnic. In this fast changing economy, academic excellent is no longer enough.  One needs to be also capable of being flexible and adept to the environment fast. Innovative and enterprising mindset and skill-set is the key to success in this new economy.  IdEA's seminars/workshops and networking activities provide participants with such knowledge and immerse them in the ecosystem," said Mr. Roderick Chia, IdEA's Exco overseeing the programme. "Innovation and entrepreneurship are the glue to the hard and soft skill.  IdEA plays a very critical role in injecting the soft skill element with the industrial relevance knowledge. For a start, IdEA would bring about such skill via networking programme, business simulation workshop as well as seminar based on marketing, basic finance, corporate entrepreneurship, basic corporate law, business plan writing etc. These are generic skill that could be applied across the board."

The programmes to be launched are already receiving interest from the industry, mature students and graduates from other institutions. The first few programmes to be rolled out in early 2004 are Specialist Diploma in IT Security Enterprise; Specialist Diploma in Biotech Enterprise; Specialist Diploma in Wireless Communication and Enterprise; and Specialist Diploma Series in Industrial Systems.

The signing ceremony was held the Annexe Hall at Republic Polytechnic. CNSG Chairman, Dr. Toh See Kiat signed on behalf of CNSG.  

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