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[ 17 September 2003 ] CNSG to Support Pro-Business Facilities in Karachi
KIBC Crest

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) was invited by Kinta International Club to support a 6-star facility to be developed in Karachi known as Karachi International Business Club (KIBC). The Club will include hotspots and wireless facilities that will enable IT professionals to gain access to
state-of-the-art connectivity in the port city.

A signing ceremony is expected to be held at the Sindh Province governor's house with a strong international delegation coming to Karachi. CNSG's Chief Executive Officer was invited to lead the delegation from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

CNSG members are expected to be invited to use the facilities and offered opportunity for membership in the boutique-class environment. Of special interest is a private banking facility for high net-worth individuals, integrated within the club premises. Details are being negotiated between Kinta International Club, who owns the KIBC and CNSG.

KIBC Club House

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