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[ 22 Dec 2002 ] CNSG Delivers Presentation on IT Strategy at 9th OIC Countries Private                           Sector Meeting in Sharjah


CNSG delivers a key presentation on IT strategy for growth at 9th OIC Countries Private Sector Meeting in Sharjah. The meeting held in United Arab Emirates brought together some of the top business community from 57 OIC countries.

Mr. Jeh Shyan Wong, the Chief Executive Officer of CNSG pointed out that actions for IT agenda lies beyond pure concept. Success are achieved through systematic and meticulous detailed implementation.  

The scope for strategic actions include integrating IT into educational curriculum, training the young and emerging professionals. The sharing of curriculum, jointly developed through international agencies and implemented in local educational institutions are key to pervasive use of IT. Women from OIC countries are targeted group that can benefit greatly from the use of IT.

CNSG intends to extend assistance to any of the 57 countries needing assistance from small project to comprehensive pilot programmes. CNSG can be contacted from the secretariat.                      


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