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[ 19 December 2002 ] CNSG Chief Executive Oficer Meets Key IT Representatives on Feedback and Brainstorm Sessions
More than 30 key IT representatives gathered at Sheraton Hotel in Karachi to discuss feedback on key issues to promote IT strategies, and IT exposure for Pakistani firms with CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) Chief Executive Oficer, Mr. Jeh Shyan Wong. 

The discussed topics include further measures to propel ITCN into world class event, with 9 months lead time in global promotion. ITCN has grown into a full fledged economic catalyst beyond just IT sector. ITCN Asia was first held in 2001 in Karachi with international IT companies participation from more than 27 countries, anchored and promoted by CommerceNet Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong, China.  With the rapid changes and growth of ITCN Asia, many firms did not have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and products due to lack of space at the 3 exposition halls. CNSG assured previous years' participants that they will have the first right of refusal to select the stalls in the various exposition halls before new entrants are ballotted. 

Also discussed are issues of acceptance, deployment and technical matters that may arise in a new IT intergrated banking environment in Pakistan. Key issues discussed by various banks IT leaders are pertaining to the use of IT in banking sectors, including legacy systems and the acceptance by the consumers. The need to reinvest into new switches and the full integration of banking environment are causing many banks to hesitate to roll out IT enabled banking services to consumers. CNSG assured the banking community that CNSG will support key policies mooted by Pakistan government and the banking industry needs in the short and mid-term, especially pertaining to coordinating pilot programmes, investment and fundings of key technologies in the banking sector. 

CNSG was told that there is a need to promote innovations and entrepreneurship among young IT graduates in Pakistan to address unemployment. CNSG was invited to see how it can help to channel some of the best ideas in Pakistan into global success story. CNSG indicated that it is keen to create more Pakistan success story with the help of government and non-government agencies cooperation, and by integrating into the CommerceNet vast global networks, ASEAN countries initiatives and Far East IT initiatives.  

The feedback session was organised and coordinated by Ecommerce Gateway, a partner of CNSG in ITCN Asia series.

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