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[ 3 December 2001 ] Consolidation and Realignment at CommerceNet Singapore

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) consolidated the current scope and responsibilities of key staff in the company. The softened market conditions had resulted in more requests for additional services from many active corporate members. There was a marked increase in the requests for market intelligence reports, joint promotion activities, international market penetration initiatives, roadshows and marketing events from the members. Many members are seizing the opportunity to reposition themselves or launch new initiatives jointly with CNSG.

CNSG is currently not in favour of expanding our staffing numbers in this weak market condition. As such, to cope with the additional services, CNSG had embarked on corporate consolidation and realignment initiatives. Key to the initiatives are the redeployment of staff to strengthened crucial role and services. All key staff have agreed to the idea of taking on additional responsibilities.

Ms. Angelina Tan will continue to support all events, which include liaison with both members and non-members on joint hosting of events. She will also take charge of key members' events in Singapore, China, and North America. Her previous portfolio of coordinating education and training initiatives will be retained.

Mr. Ramesh Vakiprath has been promoted to Operations Manager. He will take charge of execution and monitoring of all CNSG initiatives, within the company or jointly with other organisations both locally and globally. He will also retain his previous Venture Capital liaison and vendors liaison portfolios. He will also take on the liaison role as a member of the National Infocomm Awards Secretariat initiated by iDA. He will lead the Innovative Products & Services Secretariat team.

Mr.Ramesh Vakkiprath has also been appointed as the Research Director of CommerceTrust Global Reliability Programme. He will be leading all trustmark initiatives locally and regionally. He will also liaise with other trustmarks on cooperative agreements, cross recognition and international implementations. He will also take charge of data privacy matters, trustmark research and development, ACO related matters and liaise with the National Trust Council on TrustSg initiatives.

Ms. Merlissa Phua will hold the Corporate Sevices Manager responsibilities, She will attend to corporate members' requirements, welfare and other needs. International liaison portfolio will still be retained under her charge. She will also retain her previous liaison for Hong Kong, Korea, South Asia, and ASEAN.

Ms. Koh Lee Choo will take care of all projects claims and accounts. All enquiries and settlements will be monitored by Ms. Koh. She will also take charge of project funding.

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