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[ 17 April 2001 ] CommerceNet Singapore's Board of Directors Meeting

Chairman of CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG), Dr. Toh See Kiat, chaired CNSG's Board of Directors (BOD) meeting at CNSG office today. The meeting discussed various issues and reviewed CNSG's immediate direction and projects.

Members of BOD were briefed on the current activities and events within CNSG. Dr. Toh briefed the members of BOD on the latest development of key projects including ITCN Asia 2001, proposed new conferences to be held in Colombo and Lahore, possible cooperation with CNK and CNHK on regional initiatives. CommerceTrust initiatives encompassing global rollout and acceptance of funding was also discussed.

Various requests by foundation and corporate members together with industry players, to work on newly proposed joint-projects, joint-research or industry initiatives of their domain expertise, were tabled at the BOD meeting by the management team for discussion. Members of the BOD were also briefed on international pilots proposed by CN Global Partners.

Some members of BOD raise concerns that many of these proposed pilots may be broader than CNSG objectives. As taskforce and pilot initiative matures, CNSG also faces decision what to do with the projects. Currently, most successful pilots and projects are hive-off to members or the private sector who are keen to take on the projects. These projects became highly sought after corporate entity.

Queries on the role of external or non-CNSG originated funding that financed CNSG projects are also deliberated. As the number of funding seeking good pilot projects from CNSG increases and becoming readily available, CNSG should map out some formal criteria how these funding should be accepted. Priority should be given to funding originating from CNSG members.

The meeting concluded on all matters raised but on an uncertain note on how the newly proposed project taskforces are to be handled. The BOD will meet again on tentative date, 11 June 2001. New appointments for positions of CNSG Board Chairman and other available board positions will be held at the next BOD meeting.

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