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[ 14 Mar 2001 ] CNSG XML BOOTCAMP

For the past few years, companies have attempted to develop "world class eBusiness solutions" that are viable, scalable and profitable. The XML BootCamp focused on delivering "the best in class" & the leading edge, not the bleeding edge.

The BootCamp was presented by Digiweb Technology of Korea. It was a half-day event consisting of the following:

Session 1

Keynote XML Introduction by Mr Yun Ilseok , CFO, Digiweb

Session 2

Understanding XML Technology by Mr Park Taemin, Senior Manager, Digiweb

Session 3

Case Study - eProcurement System for Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea by Mr Park Youngsik, Engineer, Digiweb

Digiweb Technology is the leading venture company of open solutions for e-Business, e-Marketplace Framework and Knowledge Management. It is an award-winning IT company in Korea for transforming information into knowledge by leveraging on the power of SGML/XML in combination with pure-Java. (www.digiweb21.com)

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