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[ 7 March 2001] CNSG-CNHK teamed up to endorse ENE's Biggest Internet Show in Asia.

CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) and CommerceNet Hong Kong (CNHK) teamed up to endorse Events N Exhibits's (ENE) Biggest Internet Show in Asia. The move is calculated to send a new signal to the industry to redefine the concept of 'dot-com' that has suffered severe trashing and image problems due to the volatility of technology stocks in recent global bourses.

CNSG Deputy COO (Corporate Services), Ms. Cecilia Sim suggests that "There is a need for Singapore and regional partners to come together to support localised Asian initiatives that attempt to promote local enterprises to adopt e-business in a big way. ENE's bold attempt to launch DotCom Asia 2001 deserves support."

CNHK Director, Mr. Robert Neely added that "The ability to get the support of two of the most competitive hubs in Asia into a common framework is no easy task. We are confident that with CNHK's and CNSG's support, ENE's show will become more successful."

ENE has planned to host DotCom Asia 2001 in Singapore at the Singapore Expo in August 2001, spanning 4 days. It aspires to be the biggest Internet show ever in Asia. ENE had decided to jointly organise the event with CNSG and CNHK after several rounds of meeting with representatives from the two CommerceNet Global Partners. Having the support of CNSG and CNHK will enable ENE to reach out to strategic partners in two of the most established IT hubs in Asia.

Overseas exhibitors and delegates from Australia, Hong Kong, Middle East, South Asia, the UK and US will also be invited to join the local participants to reach out to the Asian communities. DotCom Asia 2001 aims to gather both trade visitors and exhibitors from every business communities and industries worldwide, particularly to those who have the keen interest in making their presence felt in the Asian Communities. With contextualised content presentations, and balanced mixed of speakers speaking on localised Asian topics, the show is set to influence the Internet in the Asian Communities. High on the agenda is to put up a show that is meaningful for the Asian Internet communities.

"This is going to be a big and an important project for us because it is the maiden show of ENE." said Mr Jet Tan, Executive Director, ENE.

"DotCom Asia 2001 also serves as strong marketing platform for Asia to market its own brand of Internet business models on an international level." said Mr. Tony Kong, CEO, ENE.

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